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UK Uncut street party in Manchester

By Ian Silvera

‘Austerity bunting’, a ‘Clegg and spoon race’ and ‘upper-class austerity twits’ were all part of UK Uncut’s alternative jubilee street party in Manchester today.

The 1940s style party on Market Street was an opportunity for campaigners to have fun while showing that they do not support the Coalition Government’s financial cuts.

Attendees baked cakes, bought ‘austerity’ bunting and even had a pop-up library.

Local poets, a folk band and an all female choir all performed at the event.

Co-organiser Zoe Dexter said the street party was very exciting and was glad that so many people turned up.

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What video game characters would our political leaders be?

Originally posted here.

As a gaming enthusiast, I welcomed the news that 16 MPs from across the political divide attended the recent Parliamentary games day. But putting the joystick in their hands is all very well. What would happen were they on the other side of that screen? What video game characters would our political leaders be?

Ed Miliband – Gordon Freeman in Half-Life

Caricatured as a political geek with Machiavellian undertones, the leader of the opposition could be mistaken for the main protaganist in the Half-Life series. A stereotypical “geek” complete with thick-rimmed glasses and a PhD in theoretical physics, Gordon Freeman is a hero in gaming circles. His appeal? Not your typical gun-toting, alien killing, muscle-bound gym monkey, Freeman is a cool, calculated killer who would certainly approve of Mr Miliband’s rise to power. Like his equivalent at the dispatch box, while sometimes quiet and unseen, when Freeman does speak, it is usually notable and damning. With this in mind, like Freeman, it would be dangerous to think of Miliband as a shrinking violent. Personal attacks will not stop this ambitious man’s progress. Read More…


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